Clinical Research Associate Jobs

Clinical research associates are responsible for organizing and administering clinical research trials for new or current drugs so that they may assess the risks and benefits of using them. The major responsibilities of a clinical research associate are:

  • They write out the procedures for administering drug trials.

  • They identify and brief appropriate trial investigators.

  • They make use of their knowledge of the basics of clinical research to collect and analyze and record data.

  • They design trail materials and supply the research study centers with the quantities that they need.

  • They monitor the process of the trial from the start to the finish.

The job of the clinical research associate is a very competitive one according to various clinical research job websites. But as competitive as it is, it is also lucrative. There are a lot of places where the clinical research associates can work. They can work at pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, hospital academic agencies, clinical contract agencies, government research centers etc. they are a very important group of clinical research scientists.

Skills required to be successful as a clinical research associates include:

  • A logical and inquisitive mindset with quick thinking.

  • Good organizational abilities.

  • Excellent communication skills. Both written and verbal are important.

  • Commercial awareness.

  • Confidence

The clinical research associate are always present in the institute of clinical research because of the roles that they perform.

The basic requirements required to be a clinical research associate is an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree in related life sciences fields (like biology, toxicology, microbiology, pharmacology, biochemistry), nursing, or medical sciences (like immunology, pharmacy, anatomy, physiology, or medicine). Due to the competitive nature of the job, some people go ahead to obtain a doctorate degree in any of the above mentioned fields, in order to give them a better chance of getting a senior level job and increase their promotion prospect.

Beyond academic degrees, you need to be certified to become a clinical research associate. You need certification from organizations like ACRP (association of clinical research professionals) or SOCRA (society of clinical research associates). These certificates dot come cheap. You will be needing to obtain the requirement to sit for the exams and you have to pass the exams to become certified. All the help you can get is available at you can log on to see the offers for the courses available.