Clinical Research Coordinator Salary

Clinical research coordinators are responsible for conducting clinical trials. Their job is to make sure that clinical trials are carried out in an ethical manner, that is in line with standard regulations by making use of what is called good clinical practice. The clinical research coordinators are the organizers in the lab. They ensure that all the clinical research processes carried out are of the required quality and all the information pertaining to the research subjects and all data gotten from the research are accurate. They are the ones that make it possible to have great developments in the world of medicine by providing accurate proof of medical advances that are discovered in clinical trials in all areas of medicine, from basic preventive care to curing diseases and every other things in between them. They are also responsible for managing the research budget and informing the subject trial (that have volunteered to participate in the studies) about the objectives of the studies. If the subjects have any concerns, it is their duty to deal with the concern.

If you are talking about any job at all, you can’t but talk about how much people get paid for the job. On the average, clinical research companies in USA pay clinical research coordinators within the range of $55,000 per year to $60,000 per year. The range of salary may vary very widely due to different factors which may be the degree of education, location, additional skills, certification from the necessary bodies, level of experience and the number of years that you have spent working in clinical research positions.

Depending on the location where you live or work, clinical research coordinators can be paid salaries as low as $39,000 per year or as high as $75,000 per year. These payments are not influenced by only locations, other factors that affect it are listed above.

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