International clinical research jobs

International clinical research organizations are in the lookout for prospective, experienced and competent clinical research professionals to fill the extensive and broad range of clinical research jobs that abound across the world in different company locations, sizes, and capacities.

The clinical research jobs are diverse, ranging from job placement and vacancies in medical technology, devices, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and contract research organizations, with opportunities to work on various clinical trial projects in multiple companies.

The international scene posts new clinical research vacancies and job opportunities daily, and these clinical research vacancies and job opportunities ranges from management roles such as Study Manager (SM), Clinical Project Managers (CPMs), Clinical Trials Managers (CTMs), Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) Clinical Trial Assistants (CTAs), Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), and Clinical Directors (CDs) and Physical Investigators (PI) at global, regional, or local levels.

International Clinical Research organizations have operations in almost all the countries in the world helps them link up quality and competent clinical research professionals with clinical research companies that are willing to pay quite the sum for their services. With huge clients like Medtech Companies, Biotech companies, Diagnostics companies, and Pharmaceutical companies.

They help you present what you have to offer to potential paying investors and they make sure they cover all the basics and rudiments of clinical research; the clinical research operations which includes in house and on-site monitoring and international project management, the regulatory affairs and compliance with the regulations of the ICH GCP, drug safety, medical writing, Pharmacovigilance, data management, statistics, biostatistics, epidemiology, protocol informatics, quality assurance services, feasibility services and site selection, just to mention a few.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular international clinical research professional jobs on offer right now.

  • Clinical Project Manager: RBW Consulting Services located in the United Kingdom. Salary £55,000 - £65,000.

  • Clinical Project Manager: Cobham company in the United Kingdom. Salary £60,000 - £79,999.

  • Clinical Project Manager: Piper Company in the United States. Salary $125,000 - $140,000.

  • Clinical Trial Manager: PRA Health Services in the United States. Salary $117,000 - $171,000.

  • Clinical Director: United States Department of Health and Human Services. Salary $137,849 - $262,000.

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