Clinical Research Coordinator Jobs

Clinical research coordinators have a responsibility to administer clinical trials. Their duty apart from this also include collecting data, giving out questionnaires and informing study participants about the aims and objectives of the study.

Their overall duty are as follow:

  • They oversee the smooth running of clinical trials in the clinical research facility

  • They collect, code and analyze data gotten from the research.

  • They manage the research budget.

  • They carefully monitor the clinical trials to endure that they comply with moral, ethical and regulator standards.

  • They are actively involved in the recruitment of subjects for the trials.

  • They make sure that needed supplies and equipment are available and ready for use.

As a clinical research professional, clinical research coordinators work with and directly under the clinical research project manager. The work of the CRC is actually a very important one in any clinical research institute. There are many clinical research job websites that have laid down requirements for the post of the clinical research coordinator. These requirements could include:

  • An associate degree in nursing or any other related fields.

  • Should have at least 2 years experience in healthcare.

  • A very good interpersonal skill.

  • An ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral modes.

  • Must have an analytical mindset and excellent organizational skills.

  • Must be ready to learn and self-educate while at the job.

The clinical research coordinators understand the basics of clinical research and are expected to put this knowledge into play when organizing their team of clinical research associates and the research lab as well.

Much has been said about the work of a clinical research coordinator but no one becomes a CRC in a day. There are degrees, academic requirements certificates that you must possess before you can become or offer a job as a clinical research coordinator. You will need certification from the ACRP (Association of Clinical Research Professionals) or SOCRA (Society Of Clinical Research Associates). Getting the required certificate will mean that you have fulfilled the eligibility and have passed the necessary examinations. This can be quite a task, but at, we make passing the examinations and getting the certificates easier for you. You can register for our available courses and get the needed help to take your clinical research coordinator career to the next level.