Clinical Research Project Manager

The job of the clinical research project manager (CPM) is one that has to do with the planning and management of all the various aspects of a clinical trial. For a clinical trial to be successful, it needs a clinical research project manager with more than enough experience and expertise in clinical research and management. They are the ones who will manage the team of clinical research associates and other clinical specialists to work together to achieve the common goal. It is important for the clinical research project manager to have an understanding of project management methodologies because they need it to lead a cross-functional team to achieve one goal.

The job of a CPM includes:

  • Maintenance of the necessary records like drug dispensation records, case report forms or regulatory forms.

  • They are responsible for assessment of the eligibility of potential subjects through different methods like screenings interviews, review of medical records and discussing with other nurses and physicians.

  • They monitor the activities involved in the clinical trial to ensure that they comply with protocols and regulations from different levels.

  • They record adverse events and side effects and meet with investigators regarding the reporting of the events to the oversight agencies.

  • They oversee he enrollment of human subjects or the test subjects to ensure that they get their informed consent and thy properly document it.

  • They communicate with investors and another laboratory to inform them about the findings or discoveries that they make in their laboratories.

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