Clinical Research director

A clinical research director works to provide leadership in clinical research settings. They help to oversee the overall evaluation and development of drugs or healthcare solutions, oversee programs designed to prevent or treat infectious disease, and more. In short, they are responsible for the management of the research side of a healthcare organization.

The Director of Research is a management position within the Development Services function, reporting to the Senior Director of Development Services and supervise the research staff. Set departmental and individual employee goals and provide routine evaluations of progress toward these goals.

Job duties

Develop operating procedures and ensure that the entire clinical research team follows those procedures.

Create good overall guidelines for clinical research and ensure that the guidelines are followed.

Assist in procuring specimens and samples for research needs

Help balance budgets and oversee the management of the clinical research team.

Ensure that all federal and state regulations are followed completely.

Handle HR roles including overseeing the hiring process and the employee management process.

Present progress reports and strategies for upper-level management.

Serve as a director over the work of those employees who work underneath you.

In essence, the job is the same as any management level position except that it focuses on directing, organization, and administrating a clinical research facility and handling all of the tasks that this may involve. It is a role that requires a number of skills and capabilities, but one that offers numerous rewards to those who can excel in the position.


There are plenty of abilities that will only be mastered through education, but having strengths in the following personal areas will have a big impact on your ability to excel in the job as well.

Strong Communication Skills – As a director, you’ll end up having to discuss options with your employees as well as your superiors. Good communication is vital.

Confidence – You’ll also need to have confidence in your own abilities in order to complete your duties without hesitation or worry.

Strong Leadership Skills – In general, you’ll need good leadership skills in order to thrive in the role.

Nature of the Work

The work will take you from the lab to the office to the board room. As a clinical research director, you’ll divide your time between overseeing the activities going on in a facility, managing information, and reports in your office, and meeting with policymakers and upper management. In some instances, you may have to visit conferences and other public functions in order to further hone your skills or to make the connections needed to move your research facility into the future.

Average salaries in the field vary but are around $132,000. While the low end of the salary range is roughly $87,000, it is still well above the national salary average for other jobs. In short, the position is one that can offer incredible pay and plenty of other benefits as well.

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