Clinical Research informatics

Clinical research informatics involves the use of informatics in the discovery and management of new knowledge relating to health and diseases. It includes the managing of information that is related to clinical research and deals with informatics related to the secondary use of clinical research data. Informatics is divided into two primary domains that are related to informatics activities to support translational research, they include the following; translational bioinformatics and clinical research informatics.

Informatics is a branch of information science, which is a broad and interdisciplinary science that deals with the gathering, classification, storage, manipulation, retrieval and analysis of information as an organized resource, and of computer science that focuses on the study of information processing, particularly with respect to systems integration and human interactions with machine and data.

Clinical research informatics is done before any clinical trials commence this helps cut costs that come with new medications.

At the beginning of each clinical research, the clinical research informatics helps you know how many patients you will be able to get, and how many you think are likely to drop out. Clinical research informatics provides clinical researchers with huge sums of information about trials that have been carried out over the years. All this data helps increase the likelihood of better outcomes and optimizes the study design before it has begun.

We cannot overemphasize the critical importance of clinical research in the advancement of clinical sciences, public health, and medical sciences. The conduction of clinical research is a resource intensive and complex operation that involves numerous procedures, processes, professionals, workflows, and information resources. It is focused on clinical research capacity increment of the biomedical sector and raising the awareness of the clinical research and biomedical informatics activities to academic, governmental, public, and private sectors.

All biomedical informatics that is focused on clinical research is called clinical research informatics, which is a venture that is growing at a rapid pace and has ensured that significant improvements were seen in the efficiency and quality of clinical researches around the world.

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