Clinical research positions

Clinical research trials require a variety of different people working together to execute a proper trial and there are several different career paths in clinical research, from the technical positions to the administrative positions there's a wide range of Clinical research positions that exist.

Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Field Monitor, Clinical Monitor or Trial Monitor

The clinical research associate supervisors and monitors individuals that are administered during clinical trials. they are also requested and paid by sponsors who hire them to help with the administrative parts of clinical trials. Their duties include the filing of data, reviewing of case reports, performing investigational product accountability, and making sure that all necessary items are properly filed and documented. They also assist with pharmaceutical research, devices research, and biologics research. They ensure that good clinical practices are followed and that protocols are observed.

Clinical Research Data Manager

Clinical research data managers in charge of the systems that produce data. The data managers review the protocol for the trial before the clinical trials start. They go through all the data involved in clinical trials strategically and analytically. They review regulations, prepare protocols, and help the senior manager to ensure that the clinical trials are carried on smoothly. They are in charge of the monitoring, documentation, and information of all research studies.

Clinical Research Scientist

The clinical research scientist conducts clinical research trial roles that require years of experience working on clinical trials and clinical trial sites. they conduct a scientific test and ensure that there is proper monitoring of Clinical research. They are also familiar with submission processes of clinical research studies, drawing up regulation affairs frameworks, assessment of study and research staff and many more.

The Biostatistician

The Biostatistician starts to operate when there is a compliance of clinical research products and compilation of Clinical research data. The biostatistician sets up parameters for data collection for which clinical research products use to fulfill certain criteria. They analyze all the clinical trial data and come up with a documented report that contains the results.

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