Clinical research training

Clinical Research training is a prerequisite for all certification as clinical research professionals. Clinical research training is committed to providing support to facilitate the highest possible quality in clinical research. CCRPs provides training opportunities for faculty and research staff to ensure that research is carried out efficiently and appropriately. It also takes into account the safety of Clinical research.

The clinical research training program includes professional development for the whole clinical research faculty, this includes; clinical research nurses, clinical research coordinators, clinical research data managers, clinical research regulatory officers, clinical research administrative officers, and clinical research financial staff. The training is for anyone who is a clinical research professional or is involved in clinical research.

Clinical research training can be done online or in institutions, and it is done to maintain broad-based information on the local state federal and institutional requirements that are needed to initiate and manage clinical research. It includes detailed knowledge about specifics for implementing research concrete system for educating and updating those involved in clinical, translational research and also observational research about the compliance and regulatory requirements and procedures of the clinical research. The training program is also designed to help educate research staff on how to resolve problems encountered in their work environment.

Courses are open to all faculty and clinical research staff including the support staff. They include the following;

  • Good clinical practice training also is known as GCP. GCP is very important as sponsors and are asking of it before initiating trials. GCP training twice a year and it's done face-to-face with experience, competent, and qualified GCP instructors

  • Introduction to a clinical trial. Although we at CCRPS do not offer clinical trials it is a prerequisite to understanding clinical research procedures.

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