Clinical Research Manager: His/her Principal Responsibilities and Duties

Clinical research managers have to deal with the monitoring of all processes involved in clinical trials.

They also have to supervise the administration of such trials. It is the responsibility of the manager to

supervise the CRAs on-site and in-house monitoring and filing of the trials. When one is a clinical

research manager, it means that they have to oversee those FD regulations, good clinical practice, and

SOPs are all adhered to.

He or she is also required to offer assistance in the development and then implementation of different

clinical, programs, procedures, and processes.


Certification is very important in any career that one may choose to pursue. For the clinical research

managers, they need to complete very specific professional exams. This may have to be determined as

per the region and the rules set by the regulatory body.

There are areas where a clinical research manager needs to have a nursing master’s degree. The

manager answers to the top management but also has to manage all the subordinate staff and oversee

their daily performance.

First level managers

This kind of manager has to ensure that all the department or project milestones and goals are all met

while at the same time sticking to the budgets that have been approved by the top management. This is

the person who has authority for actions done by the personnel. He or she must have the most

extensive knowledge about the department, they operate in and all the processes involved. In most

cases, clinical research managers need 5 years of experience in a particular field.

Clinical trial manager

These managers supervise and execute clinical trials. They also guide and oversee the clinical data

managers and clinical research associates. Clinical trial manager needs to report to the CPM or the

clinical project manager.