International educational services

Curriculum and syllabus are important factors in the education and training of clinical research professionals, this makes it the main focus of all international educational services around the world to see that they are well structured and implemented.

One of the foremost international educational services institutions is Barnett International. Barnett International was founded in 1979 and is widely known for its education, training consulting services, and training programs for clinical research professionals all around the world.

They provide learners with a training experience that is uniquely focused on core competency development. Their clinical training curriculum covers Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs), Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Principal Investigator (PIs), Clinical Data Managers, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Quality Assurance, Clinical Project Managers, and other clinical research roles.

Clinical research training platforms vary depending on the learning requirements, with offered training for specific clinical research roles, interactive web training sessions on clinical research trial roles, e-learning modules. It's a flexible schedule for learners of all kinds, and it is quite engaging and impactful.

We take a look at another international educational service institution, which is the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR). ICR is perhaps the oldest international educational service provider for clinical researchers.

They have provided high-quality training, support, and networking to the clinical research community.

How do they achieve all this? They focus primarily on supporting their members throughout all the stages of their careers by defining and refining standards for the clinical research industry, providing an interactive forum where the discussion of key issues that affect and impact clinical research takes place. They also provide opportunities for learning and development to enhance the competence of clinical research professionals, enhance the public confidence, outlook, and understanding of clinical research as well as provides and promotes a good relationship with other health care related groups and field.

The goal of all these international educational services providers is to ensure and support excellence in clinical research by implementing competent members with the training, certification, and development tools that they need to perform ethically, responsibly, and professionally anywhere in the world.

CCRP is another international educational services provider that is known for their clinical research online training for CRA, CRC, PI, ICH GCP Protocol, CRM, RA, CQM, and others, this training is a self-paced online training experience that is based on core competence accredited by the ACRE.

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