Clinical trial manager

Clinical trial managers are one of the most important role players when it comes to the development of new medicines. They ensure the safety of the human subjects that are involved in a clinical trial. Apart from that, they also weigh and validate the outcomes of the trial against industry standards. Do you like the idea of being a clinical trial manager? Then let's tell you how to become a clinical trial manager.

The steps are quite simple. In preparing to become a clinical trial manager you should make sure that you obtain an undergraduate degree, such as a Bachelor's or Master's degree in clinical sciences, life sciences, or other health sciences related fields.

Get a post-baccalaureate certificate from CCRPS, and get administered by the Academy of Clinical Research Professionals.

The clinical trial manager course includes enrollment into at least 6 required courses (site management, good clinical practices, drug development procedures, clinical research writing, and statistical analysis) and 1 elective to earn your clinical trial manager certification.

You are also required to combine with some computer science courses to have knowledge of Clinical Trial Management System and Oracle Clinic.

The job entails you getting accurate information, decision making and problem-solving organizing skills, planning, work update, establishing interpersonal relationship skills and maintaining interpersonal relationships.

The average salary earned is between the range of $100,289 - $150,874

They are basically the ones in charge of directing the activities related to the research, development, and coordination of clinical trials.

They hire, supervise, and evaluate technicians, staff members, and scientists. They also ensure that the laboratories are fully stocked and equipped with supplies and equipment, provide technical support to scientists and technicians, they monitor the progress of projects, draft out operational reports, review all performed research and report all researched results accurately.

They establish and make sure that administrative procedures, standard, and policies, are duly complied to and followed

They direct and coordinate the development of project products, production activities, and scientific research activities (improving the process of manufacturing, advancing the basic scientific knowledge of the clinical research professionals and helping them in the development of new experimental products.

As a clinical trial manager you may tend to be a working manager with smaller staff (this makes you join in the research process), or you could be a working manager with larger staff (this makes you stay in a supervisory role), whatever the case might be, CTMs coordinate the activities of their unit with other units and makes sure that the financial, production, and marketing specialist are fully equipped with supplies, equipment, and materials.

Get a course at CCRP and get certified to become a Certified Clinical Trial Manager.

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