Clinical Research Seminars

The purpose of the clinical research seminars organized by different bodies and organizations is to impact the attendees with knowledge about important aspects of clinical research such as the professional ethics, operational aspect and regulations involved. Education and training are very important in this field and very vital to the success of clinical trials. Seminars are usually another way of training clinical research professionals or other related professionals that have an interest in the field.

Seminars can be held every two weeks, monthly or quarterly. It depends totally on the organizers and what they aim to achieve with the seminar. Some organizers may hold a seminar for young interns to help them improve their knowledge and sharpen their clinical research skills.

Clinical research seminars are ideal for the following sets of people:

Other sets of staff that are also involved in clinical research can as well attend the seminar to improve their knowledge. Common topics that are discussed at the seminars include :

  • Good clinical practice (GCP)

  • Professional ethics of clinical researchers.

  • Auditing clinical trials

  • Advanced quality monitoring

  • Monitoring oncology trials

  • Current regulations

  • Inspection preparation

  • Resources involved with clinical research.

  • Guidelines pertaining to clinical research.

These seminars are usually handled by experts and professionals in the clinical research industry. They are usually professionals that have worked with different leading pharmaceutical companies biotechnological companies, device companies and also with leading academic institutions.

Clinical research seminars can also provide extra benefits apart from the knowledge being passed across for effectiveness. This depends a lot on who the organizers are, but some clinical research seminars provide those in attendance with SOCRA (Society of Clinical Research Associates), ACRP (Association of Clinical Research Professionals) and CME Continuing Education Credit hours.

Apart from seminars and webinars organized by different institutions that an individual can apply for and get the training and knowledge, seminars can also be organized for in-house training in different companies and can be customized and tailored to meet your company's specific need. The organizers can provide your company with a set of training options that range from single topic seminar presentation to more comprehensive programs depending on your company's need and preferred choice. Some organizers make use of different hands on approach by providing activities and simulated case studies to help the audience's learning process.

As an individual you can register yourself to become a participant of upcoming clinical research seminars at As an organization or company as well, you can register your staffs for these seminars. A better idea for a company will be to register for in-house training, where the seminars can be tailored for the company's needs.