The different categories of clinical research jobs available as careers

Scientists and doctors regularly supervise clinical research kinds of trials to help cure all sorts of

conditions and diseases. They also oversee the testing of treatments and pharmaceutical. If a clinical

trial is to go through successfully, there are a lot of things that need to be considered and invested. The

trials mean that different people need to come together and work to execute them in the proper


There are different career paths that one can choose to pursue in this area. There are administrative

positions, technical ones and so on. There are many career options available for any interested party.

Clinical research jobs

Some of the clinical research jobs available today include:

 Trial monitor, clinical monitor, field monitor, or clinical research associate

This is a professional responsible for supervision and monitoring the clinical trials being administered.

CRAs are often hired by sponsors of the trials being conducted. The duties include case report reviews,

data filing, and investigation on the accountability of products and so on.

 CRC (clinical research coordinator), site managers, or research nurses

These professionals direct the clinical trials together with the principal investigators by applying best

clinical practices. They enroll and screen patients.

 Data Manager

These are the system architects for the production of data. A lot of data is involved in the trials and so

the manager has to be analytical, strategic, and incredibly thorough.

 Clinical research scientist

They conduct trials that need experience conducting and monitoring tests and trials. Traveling is often

needed depending on whom you are working with.

Other jobs include:

 Biostatistician

 CQA or clinical quality assurance auditor

 CSA or clinical safety analyst

 Medical writer

 Research assistant

 Regulatory coordinator

 Senior regulatory associate

 Regulatory scientist

 CTMS manager or clinical trial management system manager

 Clinical trial management system associate

 Senior business development associate

 Business development assistant

 Senior QA specialist

 QA specialist

 Patient recruitment manager

 Patient recruitment specialist

 Administrator of the clinical systems info

 Senior clinical research associate

There are endless opportunities in clinical research and so you can pick according to qualification or


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