Clinical Research Assistant

The work of a clinical research assistant is one of extreme importance to the clinical research institute. They are those that get the most busy at work. One thing that is a must for anyone aspiring to take up this job is to have a keen eye for details. It is also important to be able to ask the right question and develop your knowledge base as much as possible

One of the job description of a clinical research assistant is that they are responsible for performing the different safety and quality checks within their unit. Some of these checks are routinely carried out daily, weekly or monthly. The daily checks are usually the first thing they carry out on resuming to work everyday. This is to ensure the safety of all the staffs and volunteers within the clinical research institute and as well improve the quality of the data collected and the results.

The standard equipment like freezers and fridges are checked at least twice daily. This is important because they are used for storing specific research samples and other medications that needs to be kept in controlled temperature and a slight deviation from that can affect the validity of the result and the research. The emergency equipment are also checked regularly on a daily basis.

Part of a clinical research assistant's job is to assist all members of the tea and deal with different queries from members of the public. It is also their duty to control all medical stock used in their unit, prepare materials for screening visits, prepare consent forms, questionnaires and information sheets and keeping study files while archiving the files for completed studies. In the midst of these many duties, it is very important that the clinical research assistant is very capable of multitasking. A good communication skill (both written and verbal) is very important to do this work successfully.

The educational requirement for a clinical research assistant is at the very least an associate degree in a health science. That's the least requirement, although more employers now prefer a B.Sc degree.

The salary of a clinical research assistant can vary depending on different factors like location, institution or employer etc. However, the average yearly salary is $41,000 at an hourly average of $17. It can rise as high as $55,000 or as low as $32,000.

If you'll like to apply for the post of a clinical research assistant, it makes it easier for you if you have B.Sc in life science or social science related courses. If you don't, go enrol for bachelor's degree, get the experience working clinical trials and apply with a bang.