Clinical Research salary

The average salary for clinical research professionals in $63,000, but there are lots of Clinical research professionals in the clinical research industry, we will be taking them one by one to see the differences in the salaries earned.

Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

CRAs earn $63,030 annually as salary on an average. Junior Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) are introduced to Clinical Research. They learn the life cycle of a clinical trial, how to monitor the clinical trial activities at different stages, and everything about clinical data monitoring and management.

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)

CRCs earn $48,739 annually as salary on an average. The Clinical Research Coordinator is responsible for conducting trials and carrying our research objectives. Most significantly, CRCs are usually engaged in vital duties that have been usually carried out by the PI, some of them being the informed consent process and making sure that the site staff is in compliance with the protocol. The CRC’s main responsibility, as with all clinical research staff, is to ensure the protection and well-being of the patients participating in the study.

Senior Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

SCRAs earn $97,813 annually as salary on an average. The Senior Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) deal with and face more complex clinical trials and site management issues. They are there to highlight the importance of international research as well as the role of the ICH GCP process. They also give updates on the overview of current legislative requirements including guidance on substantial trial modifications, improving the recruitment process of subjects and site staff as well as how to prioritize and upgrade clinical trial monitoring tasks and activities, accurate monitoring and reporting.


Biostatisticians earn $70,732 annually as salary on an average. They are involved in every step of clinical research including trial design, protocol development, data management, and monitoring, data analysis and clinical trial reporting. They are involved in data management protocol development and design study implementation data analysis and reporting and study monitoring.

Clinical Project Manager

CPMs earn $84,048 annually as salary as an average. The job of a CPM includes planning and managing all aspects of a clinical trial. The aim of clinical trials is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or in-vitro diagnostic devices to support regulatory submissions or marketing claims. In order to manage a clinical trial adequately, CPMs manage a team of CRAs and Clinical Specialists and act as a link between the study sponsor and the clinical trial site.

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