Clinics Research Specialist

A clinical research specialist is a clinical research scientist that assists other members of the research team that are taking part in a clinical trial. They are responsible for the administration of the clinical trials, they also enter all the data from the study into the electronic systems.

They are also responsible for resolving and reconciling discrepancies. They evaluate all the necessary procedures according to the laid down regulations. This means that they will have to ensure that every member of the team working on that particular research complies with the compliance and regulations especially in areas that are commonly known to be toxic.

The clinical research specialist is a clinical research professional that ensures the smooth working of the clinical trial. Their responsibilities during the clinical trial includes the following:

  • They maintain the data log and ensure that they are consistent and accurate.

  • They plan and track all activity that relates to the research and monitors the progress of the research from the beginning till the very end of it.

  • They are responsible for training all the staffs, working on the trial, on all the protocols of the trial. They asses the laboratory before the start and ensures that all the required and necessary documents are in place.

  • They prepare interface with the technicians at the laboratories, they prepare the reports on all the events and assist the pharmacists with the supply of drugs.

  • They administer individual trials on monthly basis. They evaluate all the processes and prepare all the case report. They also ensure that the management of the databases are effective.

  • They evaluate all the trial data and resolve all the queries that may arise. They assist all research scientists in resolving all the medical issues and they assist all the audit teams.

  • They maintain all trial data and ensure that they are accurate. They also keep clinical research study materials, make reports and hold departmental meetings on a weekly basis.

  • They provide updates to necessary quarters on protocol issues. They also obtain approvals for laboratory reports. They manage all the phone calls and provide status reports to all the clients.

The role of a clinical research specialist is very important in the clinical research setup. They are part of the broader professionals, the clinical research coordinators. You can get necessary help and information from

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